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FEMfusion — Pack of 1

FEMfusion — Pack of 1

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My tried-and-true, go-to herbal infusion blend.

FEMfusion is intentionally formulated for hydration and mineralization. It’s made with the most medicinal and nourishing herbs, and it’s loaded with antioxidants. Because it’s so hydrating, you’ll feel an instant boost when you drink it. 

This packaged blend includes 15oz (60+ servings) of organic:

  • Stinging Nettle Leaves
  • Oatstraw
  • Red Raspberry Leaves
  • Alfalfa

USDA Organic




Sustainable sourcing/Fair Trade

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Stephanie Kay
Self-care = Love

I love that I am doing something for myself and enjoy the ritual of preparing my FEMfusion every evening. I have been consistent but not perfect (I've missed four or five days since starting). However, I haven't noticed any significant changes but know I am doing something good for me and my overall health and wellness. I really enjoy the taste and don't do anything to alter the flavor. I have every intention to continue this practice and hope to report noticeable changes/differences in the near future.

Kati Wolfe
Pleasantly Surprised

I didn’t know how much not only myself but my whole family would love FEM fusion. I ordered it and then didn’t even make it for three weeks. I finally gave it a try and started adding it into my routine, and now it’s something my whole family craves. All four of us drink it every day! My kids (8 and 9) have it warmed with breakfast and chilled for dinner. 💕

AWESOME!!!! Love this so much!


I added this to my daily regimen to help with healing from postpartum depletion. I definitely noticed an improvement in my symptoms and plan to continue to consume daily.

FEMfusion is beautiful postpartum support. So glad you are feeling an improvement!

Natalie Pelsor
Great tea

Love this tea…great taste

Yes! It is delicious, isn't it?! Thank you for the comment!

Adrienne Golubski
Little effort, big difference

Adding tea to our daily routine is a simple change to help remineralize my family. We've been dealing with teeth issues and I'm grateful to know that we can be making a positive change!

That is amazing to hear! So glad that you are making positive changes!