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FEMfusion — Pack of 1

FEMfusion — Pack of 1

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My tried-and-true, go-to herbal infusion blend.

FEMfusion is intentionally formulated for hydration and mineralization. It’s made with the most medicinal and nourishing herbs, and it’s loaded with antioxidants. Because it’s so hydrating, you’ll feel an instant boost when you drink it. 

This packaged blend includes 15oz (60+ servings) of organic:

  • Stinging Nettle Leaves
  • Oatstraw
  • Red Raspberry Leaves
  • Alfalfa

USDA Organic




Sustainable sourcing/Fair Trade

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Drinking it everyday

I have been drinking the Femfusion everyday since learning about it in the mamahood course this last fall. It’s such an easy step to take toward better health. My acne that I’ve struggled with for over a decade has been clearing up, I have more energy and feel more hydrated when drinking it regularly. My one year old drinks it straight and I hide it in juice for my son who’s very picky about trying new things. I can’t wait to try it in recipes like the pink lemonade as well as add in additional boosters to my infusions!

I crave it every day!

I’ve been drinking FEMfusion daily since late June of 2023. First of all, I crave it every day! I love the taste, just plain, but enjoy experimenting with different strengths, temperatures, and flavors. I’ve noticed I have more energy, and I recover from illness more quickly than the rest of my family who doesn’t drink it. My cycle has become easier each month, for which I am very grateful! I have recently begun giving just a half cup to my little kids each day and they have been acquiring a taste for it so I’m anxious to see what changes we notice with them!

Incredible wins! Thank you so much for sharing! Your kiddos will benefit from from mineralization as well

Don’t go without it!

I have finished my 30 day FEM Fusion challenge and some. 😃 Some of the biggest changes I’ve noticed are with my lips! I am addicted to lip balm. I cannot go without it, but I’ve recently noticed that I’m using it/need it less often which is huge! I couldn’t go 30 minutes without it, and I can go several hours without feeling like it’s needed. I also notice a change in energy, more so if I don’t drink it for a day or two. My energy is more sustained when I drink my tea.
It helps with afternoon fatigue, and has been an excellent conversation starter too. 😆
I carry my jar of tea with me anywhere I go if it’s not empty so I get lots of questions and wonderful opportunities to share the love a little. 💕

Love this! All beautiful communications that your body is loving it!


***30 days!*** It is so satisfying and I find myself saying "Yum" everytime I drink it. I notice if i forget to drink it. It helps settle my stomach. It helps calm the edge off of anxiousness. Love mine with a Ceylon cinnamon stick! Maybe I'll ad a little homemade vanilla extract to the next batch!

So thrilled to hear that you're noticing positive changes! It is delicious with cinnamon and a touch of vanilla sounds incredible!

Gene Armel

love it

So glad to hear that you're enjoying it!